How to monitor website traffic?


This is a question that should honestly be asked by every website owner or IT team working for a company that has a website online… period! Why do I say that? The truth is that far too many individuals and businesses put a site online only hoping that their target audience will find them, but we all know that websites don’t work that way; at least most of us know that.

So anytime someone asks a question like this, I am quick to take a moment to answer it. There are some ways to monitor your website traffic, and the easiest way is probably to ask your web host what type of free tools they have. Doing this will probably get you instant access to a way to monitor the traffic that goes to your website.

However, that doesn’t mean that using whatever traffic tracking software is offered by your web host is the best. In this online and digital marketing industry, it’s widely accepted that using Google Analytics is probably the #1 option for monitoring the traffic that your website gets. Anyone that has a site online only because they want to put pictures and information on their site, but they’re not trying to market it or promote it… Google’s platform might be overkill since it’s a tracking software that is mostly used by marketers and companies that are trying to increase the number of visitors on their website.

So with all of that being said, no matter what your purpose is for having a website online… please know that it’s EXTREMELY important to monitor the traffic for your site. Why do I say that? In short, it’s because having an idea of the number and type of people on your site allows you to see what pages they like, and the others that they do not. With that said, whatever platform you decide to monitor your traffic… just be sure to use one.


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