How to increase website traffic fast…


There are a number of ways to go about this, but the answer greatly depends in your end goal. Are you trying to grow website traffic fast before a certain date so as to get as much publicity as possible for a certain event, or are you trying to get traffic fast for a website you hope to continue to grow for years to come? Or do you have something else in mind?

The reason I ask those questions because your answer greatly depends on the type of strategy I would recommend. However, due to the fact that I don’t know what type of website you have, nor do I know what goals each of you have when it comes to how you use your website… I’m going to play it safe and tell you only 2 ways to increase your website fast… safely.

1) Paid Advertisements. This is a way to definitely grow and increase the number of people that are on your website very fast, and it’s completely safe. Literally within minutes of having an advertisement being placed on a popular website, in a published magazine, or for a keyword that is searched for a lot… every hour you can have 1,000s of people looking at your website. However, you must know that typically this type of advertisement is pretty expensive; but that makes sense and comes with the territory unless you’re working with an internet marketing expert that has ways of getting a lot of traffic for paid advertising campaigns.

2) Search Engine Optimization.  A lot of you are probably wondering what I would recommend SEO as a way to increase website traffic fast, but in all honesty… it’s actually a great way to get traffic to your website pretty fast… it can be done for a brand new website literally in a matter of days. How is that? In short, if you identify keywords that do not have a lot of people competing for them and each month people are actually looking for them… it’s a great way to go about getting the targeted traffic that you are looking for pretty quickly.

Would I recommend people try to increase their website traffic fast? Usually I would not because it typically results in spending too much money or cutting corners for a marketing campaign, but again there are ways to do it safely. If you have questions or concerns about using either of the 2 marketing tactics above, don’t hesitate to let me know.


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