Learn how to boost website traffic!


This is important not only for people looking to increase the number of people on the web site, and trying to make sure that their website can serve the purpose that they have In mind.  So, what are some ways that the website owner can boost the amount of traffic that their website gets?

Paid traffic – With paid traffic, it’s pretty simple… all you have to do is set aside a budget that you would like to spend on having advertisements that point to your website when someone is searching for keywords related to the topic of your website, or for banner ads on other websites. Also, you can pay for services that route people to your website by using redirects, etc but this traffic is generally very low quality and isn’t very useful to many website owners.

Organic traffic – This refers to traffic that comes as a result of people going to a search engine like Google and search for keyword terms that are related to products, information, or services that you offer on your website. This type of traffic is a result of people clicking on one of the “organic” listings for your website that are generally showed between sponsored ads on any given search engine. There are a number of ways that a website owner can increase the likelihood that they have organic listings, but in all honesty… most of the time these are not listings that come “naturally”. Instead, companies and website owners spend $100s and $1,000s each month in a type of digital marketing called search engine optimization, to do things that will make the formula that a search engine might use to rank these websites… rank the website of this business owner higher in the search engine results for specific keywords.

Referral traffic – This is the type of traffic that can go to a website when a link to your website is placed on another site. This often happens on blogs, forums, and social media platforms where someone pays to have their website listed somewhere on sites like this, or links to particular websites are “naturally” added as a reference or as part of an on-going discussion on those websites. If you are a brand that is well known or has products or information that people often talk about, it’s very likely that your website will benefit for referral traffic of this type.

Direct traffic – As mentioned in the previous paragraph, when someone has a large brand… this can be a common way that people access your website. Think about a brand like Coca Cola…. It’s likely that each day 1,000s of people go to their website simply because it’s a well known brand in a large number of companies, as well as the fact that they spend so much money on advertising outside of the internet. Additionally, how many businesses and restaurants sell Coke products and thus advertise for them?

So those are a few ways that a person or business can increase the number of people visiting their website. This post didn’t really get into how you can increase the number of visitors going to your website by using any of these sources of traffic, but we’ll be sure to address that in a future article.


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