Discover how to increase website traffic through Google.


There are two primary ways people go about increasing the number of people that access their website by using Google; and here they are below:

Paid advertisements – Google has an advertising program, called Google Adwords, where an individual or business owner can bid on getting a sponsored placement on the search engine when someone searches for a keyword that is related to the content on the website of the advertiser. Additionally, with Adwords you can also target specific audiences based on the types of websites they visit and the interests that they have. From there, different websites online that sell advertising space to Google will place the ads that might be of interest to the audience of that website.

This is a way to have an increased number of visitors almost instantly. It’s important to know that this type of marketing can be pretty competitive and as a result the cost for this type of advertising can be extremely expensive… with some industries having to pay $50-100+ each time someone simply clicks an ad.

Organic rankings – Below the paid and sponsored ads on Google’s search engine are what are called “organic” search engine listings. This listings are organic in that there is no way someone can pay Google to rank higher for any given keywords in an effort to increase the number of visitors reach their website. Instead, what many people do is learn how to do search engine optimization, which is basically when a person tries to follow the TOS that Google has publically shared in how a website should function and add value to the internet in general.

However, in almost every case… this type of strategy takes time before it gets results, and for that reason many business owners will pay for SEO to speed up the results they can get from this type of internet traffic source. How do they do it? Basically, there are SEO experts out there that know how to look at how/why the top10 websites rank in the order that they do… and from there they can come up with a strategy to find out what a website needs to do to rank better for the target keywords that their client is hoping to rank for.

This is a very high level of how a website owner can increase the amount of traffic they get form Google. There are a few other ways out there as well, but these two are the most common and we’ll be sure to share the others in a future video. If you have questions… let us know.


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