What is organic website traffic?


Basically, this refers to traffic that comes in “naturally”. That could be when people directly go to their browser and type in your website name like… example-website.com. Another type of organic traffic is when you have a bunch of websites linking to your website due to the content and/or products being popular… you might naturally get other sites online that link to your site and as a result, people will click those links to visit your site.

On the other hand, typically when the phrase “organic traffic” is used… it almost always refers to traffic that comes from the organic listing on search engines like Google. It’s called organic due to the fact that a person cannot pay a search engine to make their website appear for specific keywords in the area where organic listings are most commonly found. Yes, search engines usually have paid advertisements that people can have placed on the website targeting specific words, but the organic listings are usually shown between the two areas that they typically show these ads.

One of the reasons that organic traffic is pretty popular among website owners is that the traffic that goes to a website through this channel is usually the result of the internet user being interested in the website at the time; instead of them seeing an ad but not truly being interested in whatever ends up being on the website… whether it’s a product, information, or some other offering.

Hopefully, that answers the question for you of what some of the primary types of organic traffic are. Of course, there are others that I could mention but maybe I’ll go into those in the future.


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